Study Abroad

In the modern global economy, the need for an international outlook is increasingly seen as a necessity rather than an advantage. It is an accepted fact that India possesses talent that far exceeds the capacity of its colleges and universities. Outside the AIIMS, IITs, IIMs, and a few other institutes, Indian university education does not do justice to the talent pool that enters it. Thus, it is increasingly desirable, and justified, for India's brightest minds to seek international education. The advantages of overseas education are very high nowadays, since it facilitates better exposure in a wider horizon. Obtaining a globally accepted degree from abroad allows people to travel and live anywhere in the world with highflying careers, a truly cosmopolitan experience.

Study abroad is a life changing experience. In addition to acquitting yourself in a global environment, an international education significantly enhances one's future prospects. Programs in universities abroad provide more than just an academic qualification; they focus on the overall development of an individual. Interacting closely with people from diverse countries and cultures will not only broaden your perspective, but also help you develop cross-cultural skills which are an invaluable component in a modern multi-cultural environment.

Eduvert Career Consultants provides overall support from pre-application to initial settlement processes. Eduvert Career offers a time-tested and cost effective service package for students to ensure successful admission.

Eduvert career has long-standing experience in connecting aspiring students with educational institutions across the globe. Today, we can place students in any country for any program. Distances are no more barriers for aspiring students to lead a global life through Eduvert Career.

Our philosophy of integrated study abroad means that you will fully enroll in your chosen university abroad and, in most cases; You will live in housing owned and operated by the university abroad. Thus, Eduvert Career provides you with the unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the academics and culture of your host country.

In addition to processing the paperwork, payments and preparations to study at a host university, Eduvert Career is organized to support you from the time you apply to study abroad until after your return.

Eduvert Career Consultants is your One Stop to study abroad solutions and a trusted name for Quality Services to the student community. The aim of the company is to provide counseling and reliable guidance to students and professionals who intend to pursue their education and training at universities and colleges abroad. This means that from the time you decide to pursue studying abroad, till you meet your goal of arriving at the university / college, we will take care of all the necessary steps to make you process SIMPLE, beyond your imagination! This service is available for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and PhD students.


Scored a First Class & Not 90% plus?!!! You can still meet your aspiration of studying at a world renowned university! Every student has a right to higher education & there are world leading institutions who can offer you an opportunity to study with them; even with your First Class grades! You need not feel the lack of opportunities if you missed getting admission in your origin country.

Education delivered beyond the classroom set-up: Study abroad can be an enriching and eye-opening adventure, where learning extends to the world beyond the classroom walls. Students who return back after completion of course often see it as an experience, which matured them personally and intellectually. They praise being exposed to new ways of thinking and living, which encourages growth and independence.

An analytical approach which helps intellectual and career development: Studying Abroad does more than academic enrichment and personal growth! Students who have successfully completed their studies are likely to possess international knowledge and are also likely to have other transnational competencies that employers value just as highly. Skills like Cross-cultural communication skills, analytical skills, an understanding of and familiarity with local customs and cultural contexts, flexibility, resilience and the ability to adapt to new circumstances and deal constructively with differences are commonly seen amongst the foreign graduates.

Dynamic & Exceptionally High Range Of Courses available: Overseas Universities offer variety of courses in almost every subject you can think of! The education framework is extremely flexible and modular, and students can follow a number of different education routes depending on what they want to achieve and their preferences. Studying abroad is an affordable & Financially Viable options considering the government initiative’s & easy education facilities.

Studying abroad & success is a proven path which has thousands of success stories.