The Jalalabad State Medical University

The Jalalabad State Medical University came into existence in 1993 i.e. just 1 year after Osh Sate Medical University was started. It is a public institution which provides higher education option in several fields like medicine, energy, electronics, etc. The head campus of Jalalabad State University including the 3 major faculties are located in the Jalalabad city itself while the others are located in the outskirts of city in different cities viz. Karakul, Tashkumyr & Kocharata. Currently, the faculties that are in operation are medicine, business, pedagogical, technical, technological, zoological, veterinary, electronics & mechanical faculty.

The faculty of general medicine is very active in this university and keeps itself very much updated with the modern technology and equipment so as to keep pace with other medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan and also not let any need arise for students to go somewhere else for medical education in Kyrgyzstan. In total there are more than 25 departments that comprise the faculty of general medicine in Jalalabad State Medical University where local students from Kyrgyzstan as well as from India are studying.

The course of MBBS in Jalalabad is offered in complete English medium to students from India. The students can opt for post-graduation too after completion of MBBS in Jalalabad. The students get the benefit to practice in several hospitals located in the city like Jalalabad Provincial Hospital & Jalalabad City Hospital during their clinical classes which gives them immense knowledge and experience in diagnosing cases. Students are always under the supervision of a professor or a well qualified doctor during this task. Students willing to complete post-graduation here can opt for Paediatrics, obstetrics, internal diseases, surgery, clinical care, etc.