Georgia is a beautiful country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Georgia is in top 10 safest country in the world. Georgia country medical education is famous across the world. Studying MBBS in Georgia is something worth considering in case of students who wish to study MBBS in Europe. Students from India and rest of the world study MBBS in Georgia to be a part of the European education system and be a successful MBBS doctor.

MBBS in Georgia

Georgia the European country that has the achievement of 100% of literacy is the best place for studying medicine in the world. Georgian medical universities are certainly the premium and the best choice for any student who is interested in studying medicine and hopes for a career into it.

Medicine is one such branch that is considered the toughest amongst all other preparations, now with the Georgian medical universities you need not to put in such huge efforts, costs and time for the preparation of the medical entrance exams. In India, you have slimmer chances of being selected and even when you make into it, the college you are offered is not of your choice, say not the best one.

The tremendous advantage of studying medicine in georgia is that you do not have to sit for any entrance test. The admission is on the basis of marks obtained in class 12th. No sooner you complete your degree just apply for a screening test to get license to practice. If you make into it, you get the MCI registration. This MCI registration is required and sort of mandatory as it gives you the opportunity to practice as registered medical practitioner.


Studying in Georgia has an advantage in the sense that it gives you always a distinct edge over the doctors belonging to your home country as you are exposed to the living conditions, practices and European systems.

This European country is looked with respect and grace by the students who are willing to go for a career in medicine. The medical universities of georgia have got a worldwide recognition and offer world class infrastructure.

Benefits and Advantages of Studying MBBS in Georgia

Apart from being a beautiful country, Georgia provides various benefits to International students. Students from India and other countries come to Georgia to take medical education. These are some of the reasons why students prefer to study medical in Georgia.

  • No Donations
  • No Entrance Exam
  • Scholarships for Excellent Students
  • Degree Recognized All Over the World
  • Good Climate throughout the year
  • No Requirement of IELTS/TOEFL
  • Affordable Fees & Low Living Cost
  • Fully English Medium
  • Highly Qualified Faculty
  • Eligible for Education Loan
  • Student can work in any European Country

Studying MBBS in Europe and finally settling there is a dream for every student. MBBS fees in Georgia is comparatively low and the quality of education in Georgia is very high. That is why Georiga is becoming one of the famous destination for taking medical education in Europe. Many Indian students have started going to Georgia after 2011. This mainly happened due to the tension between Ukraine and Russia. Hence, studying MBBS in Georgia is preferred by Students over other countries.


Universities in Georgia offer significantly better education as compared to private medical schools in India. The focus is put on to inherit practical skills in the student. The students also get access to the latest & modern medical equipment. The good universities in Georgia follow the quality guidelines of the World Heath Organization. Hence, studying from a top-rated MBBS University in Georgia ensures success in the medical career or the students.


Studying MBBS in Georgia is a much cheaper option as compared to the Indian private medical schools. Indian medical schools also lack the practical experience. Hence, there is no point in paying huge donations to Indian medical schools. The overall fees vary across universities since some universities like European University offer a 5-year degree while the rest of them offer a 6-year degree.

Cost of living in Georgia is quite easy on pockets. The average food and living expenses are just around $250 per month i.e. Rs. 16000. Also, there is no donation to take admission in MBBS University in Georgia. So, Indian students can get best and cheap MBBS education from best universities in Georgia.


Georgia is an extremely safe and female dominating country. There is no crime and MBBS students from India can travel in buses, trains or cabs without worries. The majority of the population of Georgia practice Christianity and are God loving. Georgian people are also very welcoming and accept religious and cultural diversities.


Unlike India, the procedure to take admission in MBBS universities in Georgia is very easy. There are no entrance exams like NEET or USMLE. Students with 60% marks in PCB can also take admission in MBBS in Georgia. The universities focus on skill building and as long as the students have a reasonable understanding of the medical terms, they will blend with the course very well.


Each class can accommodate an average of 10-14 students. It comprises of same world-class infrastructure offered by much more costlier North American and Western European medical universities. The university has the following features:

  • World-class library containing 5000 volumes of medical textbooks, guides, manuals and several audio-video aids.
  • Internet Facility and computer rooms for learners.
  • Cultural conferences for foreign nationals studying in the university.
  • Frequent International conferences and seminars on medicine are held where medical pioneers and visionaries from all over the world join to teach and motivate the students in their path to learn, practice, and develop medicine.